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Giant Plinko

A hugely popular game where players drop a disc or ball at the top of the game and watch as it falls to the bottom, and earn points depending on where it lands. We can even customize this as well so it’s branded for your event!

22 Person Foosball Table

A classic game where players pick a side and use the poles to control their “team”. The difference here is that we’ve expanded the game to allow for up to 11 players on each side!

Angry Birds

A huge game where players can play a physical version of the popular phone app! This is a hugely popular attraction and tons of fun to play!

Chess and Checkers

Both board game classics, these massive renditions of the game add some flair to it by having players move the massive pieces instead of just sitting at a table and playing!

Giant Beer Pong

Another great and popular game where players will use a volleyball to try and score on their opponent by shooting it into their giant “cups”

Giant Cornhole

Players will attempt to throw their small sand-sacks into the hole in the board of their opponent!

Giant Dart Boards

A straight forward experience where players will throw darts at a huge dart board in an attempt to score more points than their opponent! Great for one player as well!

Giant Floor Shuffleboard

This game is tons of fun as well! Players attempt to move their disc across our massive Shuffleboard using their sticks to score points against their opponent!

XL Foosball

While not as large as our 22 person foosball table, this game does allow for 8 players on both sides for a total of 16 players! Tons of fun and great for smaller parties and events!


Another fun game where players rotate the game towards the active player and pull out sticks, hoping not to drop any of the balls inside into their bucket, the loser being that who has the most balls in their basket at the end of the game.

Giant Twister

A great game where one player spins the designated spinner and tells the current player where to place their appendages, great for up more players and who ever falls down first is the loser

Giant Whacky Wire

A game where players takes the handle that is looped around the huge rail and try not to touch it, the consequence being a buzz going off when the player does touch it.

Giant Dominoes

A fun experience where players can play a giant version of the popular table top game

Giant Scrabble

Another fun game where players attempt to make words to earn points, just bigger!

Giant Connect 4

Another oversized board game classic, players attempt to make a straight line of their color in order to win. We can also do custom branded discs!

Giant Jenga

A classic game where players set up a tower and then pull blocks from it and place it on the top of the structure in hopes to not topple it over. This game gets very tense as less and less blocks are left holding the structure together, and once it comes down, whom ever pulled the last block is the loser!

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