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Donkey Kong Stand Up Arcade Game

A retro classic that introduced Mario, Princess Peach and Donkey Kong. The player attempts to climb a broken building as a giant ape throws barrels for the player to jump over.

classic standup arcade games

Pac Man

Another game where the player plays a yellow character has he’s chased around a maze consuming all of the pellets while being chased by four differently colored ghosts.

Ms. Pac Man and Galaga combo console

loaded with the classic Ms. Pac Man game, this cabinet also comes with the classic Space Shooter Galaga! Players can have fun chomping down on ghosts or shooting down enemies through enemy space!

Coffee Table Game Console

Borrowing the concept from the cocktail video game table, we have a fun little sit down console loaded with lots of classic games including the original Super Mario and Duck Hunt!

Cocktail Table Video Game

A fun little sit down game for kids and adults where they can play Pac Man in a competitive fashion

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